Wings, Water and a Worried SciFi Writer

We love butterflies and hummingbirds. So half of this issue is whirring with links related to them, including a DIY video about how to construct a mineral-rich puddle for butterflies. It makes us want to play in the mud, but there isn't much of that in California right now.

Salvia Guru is our weekly newsletter of curated content related to environmentally friendly gardening with sages. We are Flowers by the Sea, a West Coast horticultural farm and online plant nursery specializing in hundreds of Salvia species for damp to super dry climates.

Water -- both too little and too much -- is almost always on our minds these days whether we're thinking about western drought or phone calls from customers worried that they have killed plants with too much water.

We conclude this issue by dipping our toes into fictional waters or lack there of by linking you to an interview with Southwestern scifi writer Paolo Bacigalupi. His current novel, The Water Knife, is right for anyone angsting about dry days to come.

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