Issue 6: Focusing on Conservation, Pollinator Health and Plant Exploration

Conservation and pollinator health will always be important topics in Salvia Guru, which is published weekly by Flowers by the Sea (FBTS), a Northern California horticultural farm and online plant nursery focused on ecofriendly gardening.

This issue touches on the White House effort to engage the entire nation in improving pollinator health, especially through landscaping for wildlife. It also covers plant exploration, including the efforts of Himalayan seed hunter Chris Chadwell who is driven by scientific curiosity and the desire to help Himalayan nations develop economically while conserving biodiversity. It concludes with a song about water conservation from Fiji and a thoughtful essay about how our botanical heritage benefits from plant exploration.

Aside from being lovely and long blooming, the Salvia genus is well known for many species that aid soil and water conservation. While growing and blogging about hundreds of species, we encounter much valuable content to share. If you appreciate this information, please encourage friends and family to subscribe to Salvia Guru for free.

Photo Credit: Abbie Rowe took this photo of the White House North Portico in 1948.

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