For Love of Dogged Garden Workers

Salvia Guru regularly links to useful content about conservation and beneficial wildlife in gardens. In this issue, you'll find lots of links to articles related to these connected topics.

Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, lacewings, ladybugs, tree frogs and other creatures work hard to gather the foods they need to survive. This effort leads to successful gardens through pollination and controlling garden pests. By growing plants rich in the nectar and pollen these creatures need, we help them to help our gardens.

At Flowers by the Sea, our Northern California horticultural Salvia farm and onIine nursery, working dogs also ensure success. Their purposeful barks inform us of visitors and problems. They help the farm cats keep rodents under control. During long days in the FBTS test fields and greenhouses, they provide loving, constant companionship.

Working dogs also help conservationists protect the environment at sites worldwide (see our news link below). In some ways, all canines are working dogs, including the many that have lived with me or visited my suburban backyard and used their powerful senses to run perimeter checks morning, noon and night. I'm Alicia, and I telecommute to FBTS from my home in Colorado, visiting FBTS when I can. That's how I met Bandit, a beloved border collie who worked at the farm for 18 years until dying from old age this winter.

This issue honors Bandit and all the beneficial creatures who make our gardens grow. Photo Credit: Bandit, FBTS.

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