When It Rains, It Pours

We're late, we're late, for our very important publication date. And wouldn't you know it, the weather is one of our legitimate excuses. In particular, torrential, windy storms created a lengthy power outage that shut down our computer system on the northern coast. Flowers by the Sea is thankful for the moisture, but not for storm damage that likely will take months to fix. California can be such a wild ride.

The photo accompanying this post might seem a bit strange for a publication about gardening. But it symbolizes the power of California's recent storms, which toppled the tree in the picture. It provides a double view of the tree, because it was made for an old-fashioned stereoscope -- sort of like 3D glasses.

The tree is one of the most famous in the world -- a 150-foot-tall Sequoia that was more than a thousand years old. Located in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, it was known as the Pioneer Cabin tree. In the 1880s, locals interested in attracting tourists to the area hacked a portal for wagons through the tree's trunk. Later, cars drove through it until the road became a hiking path. The massive hole eventually weakened the tree and made it succumb to this month's severe weather.

Anyway, we're late, but publications are also vulnerable to the weather and life's other storms. The good news is that we haven't toppled. Instead, we continue to grow sturdy sages and produce Salvia Guru as a helpful portal for gardeners.

Photo Credit: Pioneer's Cabin, Boston Public Library, Flickr, CC2.0.

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