Getting into the Dig with Dave the Earthworm

Even if you don't want to pick them up (we do so tenderly and then transport them to safer digs), earthworms are one of your best friends as a gardener. As Darwin famously noted, they are the engineers of the soil, aerating and enriching it. Plus, their slime is rich in nitrogen.

So it wasn't merely whimsy that attracted us to the story of Dave, who is the largest earthworm ever recorded in the U.K. He is a great poster worm for bringing positive attention to the benefits of his brethren.

Soon, the ground in cold winter climates will be too hard for the bite of shovels and the wriggle of earthworms. For more information about earthworm hibernation and a fun read, we recommend the following Planet Natural story --

For a fun way to cope with chilly exile from the winter garden, Flowers by the Sea suggests getting started on spring planning and ordering. The Salvia Finder, a new online tool Kermit Carter designed for our website, helps you to quickly identify sages that are ideal for planting projects from dry to damp gardens and from full sun to full shade. Preparing for spring also means being ready for weeds. So we've included a link to the National Gardening Association's Weed Library here.

For those who are endlessly curious about color in nature, we offer a link concerning the science of colorful bird feathers. Another color link leads you to green roof experiments in Mississippi, which include various sages.

FBTS and Salvia Guru wish you warmth, good cheer and the best of holiday celebrations. We also wish you happy garden planning. Don't forget to forward this newsletter to gardening friends who may enjoy the gift of a free subscription.

Photo Credit: Salvia greggii 'Furman's Red' and Ajuga in the Dry Garden, Alicia Rudnicki, FBTS.

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