Making Wise Choices in the Garden & in Business

One practical aspect of growing lots of mint family (Lamiaceae) plants, such as salvias and lavenders, is that hungry rabbits, squirrels and deer don't much like the way they taste. This is probably due to the plants' strong essential oils, which provide their fragrance.

Squirrels have always been plentiful in my Colorado yard. But the current abundance of bunnies is a development of the past two years. They create burrows under phitzer junipers, nap midday on warm driveways and lawns and dash past each other again and again crossing the street to see if life is more flavorful on the other side.

Sometimes I learn things the hard way. The squirrels, and possibly the bunnies, demolished all of my new bergenias last summer. So I've become more observant about the flowering plants that aren't on their menu. I'm glad to say I know firsthand that sages are not manna for small mammals.

You can learn a lot by chance in business as well as gardening. One wise choice we've decided to make at Flowers by the Sea -- our California Salvia farm and online nursery that publishes Salvia Guru -- is to move to a once-a-month schedule.

We have discovered that new endeavors have a habit of nibbling away at older endeavors. Salvia Guru is a bit more than a year old. To get back to publishing more frequently at our Everything Salvias blog on the FBTS website, we're cutting back here as of this issue. We'll hop into your email box in another month.

Photo Credit: Alicia Rudnicki, FBTS.

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