Life in the Gardens Is More than a Box of Doughnuts

Every thirteenth issue of Salvia Guru, we bring you a baker's dozen of information (as in 13 items, including this post). Most of of the links in this issue are sublime due to beautiful flowers and great programs for wildlife and the environment. But one is... gruesome. (You'll figure it out.)

Please help yourself to a virtual doughnut, have fun identifying your inner migratory bird and enjoy views of lovely salvias, including new varieties recently introduced by Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery. Then dig into El Niño, the headaches of inaccurate plant nomenclature and the ZomBees (as if honeybees didn't have enough troubles).

Finish up with the hopeful story about middle school students planting an extensive Monarch butterfly refuge -- sweaty, tiring work, but an accomplishment as sweet as a jelly roll. If you share this issue with a gardening friend, feel free to grab a second doughnut.

Photo Credit: 5demayo, MorgueFile.

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