Learning to Work with Nature, Not Against It

Let's start with northern Britain's floods, which might not be a subject you would expect to see in a publication called Salvia Guru. Yet the story of how Pickering, North Yorkshire, avoided flood damage this past winter demonstrates the wisdom of working with nature instead of trying to control it with concrete.

The same can be said about the clear-headed thinking of gardeners who plant drought-resistant flowers, such as salvias, in hot, dry climates. We include links in this issue about dry gardening and what to do when even your low-water plants take a hit from harsh summer temperatures. It's all about working with nature instead of against it.

A lot of people don't like insects much. But beginning to see the big picture of the different jobs insects do in the garden, including pollination, can change the crush-and-conquer perspective. Salvia Guru always contains some buzz about beneficial insects.

Finding the best ways to support healthy gardens by working with nature is a large part of our mission at Flowers by the Sea -- the Northern California flower farm and online plant nursery that publishes Salvia Guru.

We're here to win, not conquer, your heart as a thoughtful gardener interested in planting a better world. We link you to information about Salvia, wildlife and conservation topics. If you like Salvia Guru and know of someone else who might find it helpful, please plant some information about our free subscriptions.

Photo Credit: Palos Verde Blue Butterfly, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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