Tolerating Narnia by Planning for Spring Gardening

Salvias bloom year round at Flowers by the Sea Farm on Northern California's mellow Mendocino Coast. Some species fill the greenhouses at this season, ready for shipping to areas with normally moderate winters unless your weather has turned unexpectedly wacky.

Some salvias are made for winter bloom, which is lucky for the Anna's hummingbirds that live at FBTS year-round.

Meanwhile, our Salvia Guru office in Colorado feels like Narnia. The White Witch has sent the squirrels to bed. Only the songbirds are awake in the chilly whiteness unless you count the bobbleheaded, plastic flamingos just beyond the office windows. However, the moisture is welcome.

It won't be long before shipping madness blossoms at the farm and America begins blooming coast to coast. Meanwhile, those of us in Narnia can dream about planting and watching wild bees working in the Salvia garden. That's why most of this issue is devoted to garden planning.

Knowing the demands of the growing season and preparation for it, we have decided to switch to a schedule of publishing every other week. So we'll be popping into your email boxes every first and third Fridays of the month. Keep telling friends and family about our free publication, because we certainly wouldn't mind a blizzard of subscribers.

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