Gathering Salvia Gardening Advice for the New Season

One of the best tips we can offer at Flowers by the Sea concerns making sure the plants you purchase are not pre-treated with any pesticides. When purchasing at a local garden center or big box store, be sure to ask the garden managers if their plants are pre-treated. At FBTS, we don't pre-treat with pesticides. That's because pesticides can weaken and even kill beneficial insects, such as pollinators. We use biocontrols, including beneficial insect predators, to control pests.

In this issue of Salvia Guru, you'll find an update on EPA action concerning systemic neonicitinoid pesticides that plants absorb in all their parts, from roots to nectar. Information still isn't conclusive about the impact of neonics, but progress is being made toward greater caution in their use.

Other tips we have gathered for you include clean up ideas and information for planning what to plant this coming season. Will you grow salvias and other plants that bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators love? We hope so. We also hope that you will share this issue with friends and family members who love to garden. We mostly publish weekly, but will be on break this next week. You'll find Salvia Guru in your email box again on January 29.

Photo Credit: White Headed Sage (Salvia leucocephala), FBTS. This is a new hummingbird favorite in our catalog that North Carolina Salvia specialist Dr. Richard F. Dufresne shared with us. Thanks, Rich.

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