From Blooms to Pollinators in the Desert

One of our most popular links in the previous issue of Salvia Guru was Kenton Seth's blog post "Difference Between Dry Gardens & Unwatered Landscapes." Gardeners in dry climates are becoming increasingly interested in conserving water by finding attractive plants that do well with little to no supplemental watering. But arid and semi-arid lands aren't always dry as as demonstrated by the annual Southwestern Monsoon and current El NiƱo storms throughout the West. Also, deserts and well-planned dry gardens are far from drab.

Links in this issue of Salvia Guru explore a wide range of desert topics, including of how to cultivate the extremely drought-resistant kinds of Salvias that flourish in dry climates. The stories range from spring hikes in SoCal's Anza Borrego Desert State Park to hummingbird gardening and Monarch butterfly protection in Phoenix, Arizona. They cover issues reaching from conquering drought through ocean desalinization to protecting migratory pollinators in the desert.

Enjoy the beauty and information we share here. If you know others who love desert plants, please forward this issue to them. Also, we would be grateful if you mention our free subscriptions to gardeners everywhere in your network, because we're still a seedling in our first year of growth.

Photo Credit: Arizona downpour, Jim Rudnicki.

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