Wondering What's Ahead: Too Much or Too Little Water?

Fifteen links seems like a good number for honoring the passing of 2015. Giving you more information than usual also seems like a good way to address gardening concerns about the lack or over-abundance of water during 2015 and how to understand and adjust to it in 2016.

If plants could speak, they might share concerns about weather and climate, including fear of water shortages or flooding. Right up until the week before New Year's Day, many parts of the nation went on a wild weather ride, including wildfires induced by drought, floods turning to ice and tornadoes all in December alone. As of publication, we are sending good vibes to all along the Mississippi River who are struggling with floods.

On a positive note, we are happy about the increasing snowpack in California's Sierra Nevadas that El Niño has wrought. We don't approach the subjects of crazy winds or snowpack here. However, our links explore many water topics related to gardening and complex weather events, such as El Niño and increases in winter temperatures . Some links lead to articles about how to avoid overwatering desert plants while others make suggestions for selecting moisture-loving sages for damper parts of the nation. The Salvia genus is huge and meets the needs of many regions of America.

In this issue, you can kayak through Austin's 2015 Halloween flood, hear from an expert on dry landscapes, learn why and how to build a water-conserving swale in your yard and consider how to adapt your garden to changes in climate.

You'll find lots to discover here. Meanwhile, happy 2016 to you and thanks for discovering Salvia Guru. Each time you refer us to a gardener in your circle, our roots grow deeper and stronger so we can continue sharing useful information.

Photo Credit: Salvia Elegans, FBTS with a bit of help from Speechable.

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