Winter Habitat in the Salvia Garden

Salvia Guru and our publisher -- Northern California's Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery -- love wildlife gardens. Even if you haven't yet planted a garden intended to feed pollinators and other beneficial garden creatures, you can provide cold weather habitat by not tidying your garden too much this winter. Consider it a gift.

Insects and birds don't all leave your garden when the weather turns cold. They rely on plants gone to seed for nutrition and plant litter for cover. Many of the links in this issue suggest ways you can help them endure winter.

As to deer, rabbits and squirrels, we don't dislike them. But for a dash of humor in this issue, we've included a link to horticulturist Joseph Tychonievich's blog post about "evil mammals" in the garden.

Similar to squirrels, which slow down during winter, Salvia Guru is going in and out of its winter nap time. Following this issue, we will reemerge on New Year's Day and resume a regular weekly schedule.

We thank you for opening our emails, clicking on links that interest you and spreading word about our publication. Emailing, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, pinning, posting on garden forums and otherwise chatting with fellow gardeners about free subscriptions to Salvia Guru are among the most sustaining gifts you give us.

Photo Credit: A Christmas Chickadee by AcrylicArtist, MorgueFile.

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