Stopping to Smell and Taste the Sages in Winter

Bring on a chorus of frogs. As winter grows deeper, their rhythmic song would be a soothing reminder of the spirit of hot days past.

Although it's the wrong season for frog music, it's the right season to invoke the kitchen aromas and potpourri perfumes of the flavorful, fragrant Salvia genus. It's the right time to warm up with chicken browned in sage butter, to cool your palate with blackberry-sage ice cream and to heat it up again with fresh sage tea brewed in homemade tea bags.

It's also the right time to consider how a humble Salvia may have inspired the design of the Jewish menorah. It's time to dream about the heady fragrance of the Southwestern desert blossoming next spring. And it's about the only slow time in the year for Salvia Guru's publisher, Flowers by the Sea, a Northern California farm and online nursery specializing in hundreds of different Salvia species.

Thanks to all of you who share information about Salvia Guru's free subscriptions with family and friends. It's always the right time to say thank you.

Photo Credit: FBTS with some help from Speechable.

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