What Got Read and Who's Going to Bed

This is our thirtieth issue. Every tenth publication, we report on at least 10 links that attracted the most attention in the previous nine issues. This time, two links tied, so we're reporting 11. We're also including a news update about how the California drought, which is entering its fifth year.

You'll notice lots of interest in hummingbirds and butterflies in the top links, which is partly due to salvias (true sages) being favorite nectar sources for these small wildlife. You'll also notice that many of the articles are from Flowers by the Sea, which specializes in growing sages and providing information for wildlife gardeners.

What you won't notice is that Salvia Guru is getting very, very sleepy -- as in, curl up for the winter like a Woolly Bear caterpillar. Temperatures are still moderate and there's a pleasant breeze off the ocean at our FBTS farm in Elk, California, on the Mendocino Coast where weather follows a Mediterranean dry summer/wet winter (okay, we're praying for a wet winter!) pattern. But it was time for snow shoveling last week at our Salvia Guru office in Colorado.

So, what we're trying to say is that it's time for this weekly to take it's first annual cold weather snooze, and we're giving you the low down on the slow down. Salvia Guru won't reawaken until December 4 for Issue 31. We'll publish issue 32 on December 11 and then we have another two week break until reemergence (way ahead of the Woolly Bears) on New Year's Day. It can't be helped that we talk in our sleep. You can catch the mumblings on Twitter @Salvia_Guru. But before we slumber, thanks go to Tony the Misfit for the handsome Woolly Bear pictured here, which we found at

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