All the Buzz About Pollinators that Is Fit to Fly

Pollinators are always the buzz at Flowers by the Sea, our Northern California farm and online plant nursery that specializes in plants for wildlife gardens. Our third issue of Salvia Guru offers a number of links to information about bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Michael and Kathi Rock of Madison, Wisconsin, share their wealth of hands-on knowledge about Salvias that aid hummingbird migration.

Concerned about bees? In San Diego, you'll encounter Keng-Lou James Hung who is known as "Lord of the Bees" at the University of California,San Diego, where he's doing doctoral research to aid wild bees.

Maybe you didn't know that flies pollinate some Salvias. That's what researchers have discovered in Turkey.

Another article in this issue considers the peril to hummingbirds if feeders aren't kept clean.

If you want information about local butterflies, we introduce you to BAMONA, one of the best Lepidoptera resources in the nation.

Finally, we welcome your buzz. If you are enjoying Salvia Guru, please spread word about it to gardening friends.

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