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This is one of nature photographer Bud Hensley's many delightful images of hummingbirds, which are sometimes called flying jewels due to their shimmering colors. Hensley learns a lot about hummingbirds by spending much of his free time watching them through his camera. One thing he has discovered is that if you want to get a better look at them, it helps to provide perches. Hensley's trick for capturing rare moments of rest, such as the one pictured here, is to strip foliage from a thin, horizontal branch on a shrub near flowers hummingbirds love.

What is Salvia Guru's trick for capturing lots of readers? On occasion we offer issues absolutely buzzing with links to hummingbird information. If you know any gardeners who go out of their way to select hummingbird plants, please suggest that they sign up for a free subscription to Salvia Guru. Our weekly curated content newsletter is published by Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery, a wildlife gardening specialist.

Now, on with all the copy that winged its way into this issue.

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