An In-between Time in the Garden

What do clocks have to do with the Salvia garden? They're all about time, which is sort of the topic as this issue opens.

For Salvia gardeners in many parts of the nation, mid-autumn is a time that teeters between end-of-summer warmth and winter chill. If you live along a coast or far enough south for consistently moderate weather, it's still planting time.

But further north and inland, October's close means getting serious about garden cleanup, raking leaves and saving them for winter mulching, repotting container plants and bringing them indoors, kicking back with your laptop or computer notepad to cruise nurseries online and think about spring. It's the time before winter rains and snow arrive full force and the time to wonder whether they will arrive at all.

Salvia Guru, the curated content publication of Flowers by the Sea Online Nursery, links you to numerous mid-autumn topics this week. You'll find information about successful Monarch migration, the types of hummingbirds that are increasingly overwintering north of the border, preparation for winter dormancy and planning for the new garden season.

Although we don't exactly expect to snowball during winter, Salvia Guru is beginning to feel strongly rooted. Your subscription and willingness to share word about our free publication with other gardeners helps to make this possible.

So, although we feel a bit solastalgic (a word discussed in this issue) about the waning growing season, we also feel curious and excited to see what will germinate in months to come.

Photo Credit: Darnok, MorgueFile

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