Lightening Up Is a Sage Thing to Do

Except for our opening news update about El Niño storm predictions for California this winter, we're taking a break from weather worries. We confess that we did sneak in an autumn cleanup link, but garden cleanup amid sages and other aromatic favorites, including lavender, is a good mood lifter. Time spent in the garden can be medicinal.

This issue mostly links you to fragrance and flavor in articles ranging from a recipe for healthy white bean soup with sage to information that may help you in planning a therapeutic fragrance garden or brewing a soothing cup of sage tea.

You can learn how to make an herbal wreath, Clary Sage perfume and smudging sticks (sometimes called wands). The powerfully fragrant California chaparral plant White Sage (Salvia apiana) is an age-old material for smudging ceremonies to refresh and purify head and home. You can find more information about it at

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Photo Credit: krosseel, MorgueFile.

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