Lots of Monarch Butterfly Info Just Migrated to Your Inbox

The tiny white egg on the milkweed (Asclepias) leaf tells you that you're going to encounter lots of Lepidoptera links in issue 26 of Salvia Guru.

Including our opening post, we connect you with 13 useful stories. Thirteen isn't just a number for superstition. It's also the amount contained in a "baker's dozen," which is what we serve up every time an issue number is a multiple of 13. It's one of our rituals, a way to mark how far we've flown since our first issue.

Read further to learn about: • The new California law to protect Monarchs • A new theory about Monarch decline • Threats to Monarch migration • Ways to help Monarchs right now • Butterfly rest stops on the I-35 Pollinator Highway • Butterflies' favorite SoCal sages and companion plants • The milkweeds native to different regions of the nation • How an art exhibit inspired Savannah, GA, to decorate its downtown with a Salvia beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds, and • Ways to attract all kinds of pollinators to your landscape.

We also link to a simple DIY project to keep birds from flying into windows, a tasty sage applesauce recipe and a not quite tongue-in-cheek video about garden buckets.

For information about many kinds of sages and companion plants that attract butterflies, including numerous types of milkweed, please visit Flowers by the Sea online at Aside from publishing Salvia Guru, FBTS is a family farm and online nursery that raises all its plants on the Pacific Coast in Northern California's Mendocino County. And, please, don't forget to encourage others to sign up for free Salvia Guru subscriptions so we keep winging information to you about wildlife gardening and the ever-useful, ever-lovely Salvia genus.

Photo Credit: Kevin_P, MorgueFile.

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