Remediating Flooded Gardens and Designing Rain Gardens

Even if a city is flooded with rain gardens, there is no particular garden design that can prevent flooding. However, whether you live in a dry or wet climate, rain gardens help divert rainstorm runoff from flowing into gutters.

It's difficult watching the current troubles in the South Carolina and parts of the Mid-Atlantic from river flooding caused by Hurricane Joaquin. Last spring, it was frustrating to read about how unprecedented rains in Texas were ending a 4-year drought but also flooding many parts of the state. As we point out in our news link about bracing for what may be a winter of abundant rain in California, it's difficult for land that has become hard from drought to drink it all up. Big El Niños bring big mudslides.

You can't argue with nature about showing some moderation. However, you can help your local environment by adding a rain garden and selecting plants that are well adapted to local growing conditions. And, you can prepare a plan for remediating landscape damage and improving soil following a flood and for staying safe and healthy while doing so. Wear garden gloves, please!

Speaking of staying healthy, we want to thank you for continuing to share information about Salvia Guru's free subscriptions. We continue to grow. We also want to thank all the good folks helping South Carolinians make it through their 1,000-year flooding. That includes National Guardsman Sgt. Jorge Intriago, who took this photo of Columbia, SC.

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