Getting a Grip, Hanging in Here and Rare-ing to Grow

We admit it: Koalas have nothing to do with Salvias. But this one looks like it's giving his/her all to hang in there despite who knows what. We can empathize, especially due to the California drought. But we're hanging in there too.

This too-cute photo was taken by an Australian from Queensland who uses the pseudonym Wallyir and is known as Wally by fans on the website MorgueFile. You'll notice another of his/her photos in our link to a new website on climate change. It pictures a young skateboarder facing the obstacle of a flood, a climate change-type problem.

It's rare to receive help for free, but Wally and many other photographers share some of their work for free on MorgueFile. We're thankful for help in attracting your attention to valuable links about Salvia gardening and related topics.

This issue focuses on rarities from gardens containing Salvias on the onetime prison island of Alcatraz to a new hummingbird documented by a graduate student while sipping tea. One link describes the threatened species Texas Craglily (Echeandia texensis) while another considers the question of what we mean when we say that a plant is rare.

The issue concludes with a rare glimpse into a London apartment dweller's balcony garden, which includes Salvias. Websites on this kind of small space gardening are hard to find.

As mentioned earlier, Salvia Guru is persevering. We hope you will help us hang in there by telling other gardeners about our free subscriptions and cute koala.

Salvia Guru

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