Perennials Are Wise Investments for Repeat Performances

Savvy gardeners make the sage choice to invest in perennial plants. Where winters are chilly, perennials die to ground when frost hits and then rise up for another season of bloom when spring arrives. Many of the links in this issue have something to do with perennials, all of which are fine choices for autumn planting.

Unclear about the differences between annual, perennial and shrub Salvias? You can find the answers in the last link on this page. Confused about how to put all these kinds of plants together? Pick up some design ideas from the video about the natural landscapes of international garden star Piet Oudolf.

If you are a wildlife gardener short on time, you may be interested in plants that appeal to butterflies as well as hummingbirds. In other links, a Texas university and a UK newspaper include Salvias among their top perennials for autumn bloom.

But everything isn't about perennials in this issue. We connect you to the worrisome topic of subsidence -- ground sinking as a consequence of drought. You can also read about hummingbirds communicating love songs with their tail feathers and a quiz-like method for identifying Monarch caterpillars.

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Photo Credit: Bud Hensley photographed the Friendship Sage (Salvia 'Amistad') pictured here, which is another butterfly and hummer favorite.

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