Watch Out, Plant Listomania Is Spreading

This issue, we have a lot of links connecting you to lists. Put it on your honey-do list to read them, because they talk about plant choices you can make to conserve water in your garden and ways to protect your trees from drought. They take you to the U.S. Arboretum and across the Atlantic to the UK's top Salvia nursery. If you've been wanting some information about how native plants can help you through dry times, that's in the list mix as well.

We also offer links to tough news about just how much rainfall California has lost during four years of drought and how loss of lawns is causing loss of trees. (Please, please read the how-to about protecting your trees.)

Finally, there is a list hidden in the link to the the Texas Butterfly Festival. They've got lotsa, lotsa different kinds of butterflies in Texas.

One last thing for your honey-do list. Please tell gardeners among your family, friends and coworkers about Salvia Guru's free subscriptions, because -- gotta be truthful -- we need lotsa subscribers. Last word: Spreading California Purple Sage (Salvia leucophylla 'Point Sal') is pictured.

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