Buzzing Sound and Wings All Around

You can alight on many winged topics In this issue of Salvia Guru -- from Girl Scouts rehabbing a butterfly garden to a radio interview with hummingbird rehabber Tony Masear and an excerpt from her emotionally charged book "The Fastest Things on Wings."

You'll discover that hummingbirds -- crucial pollinators of Salvias -- are among the few birds that taste sweetness and that many songbirds, including sparrows, love Salvia seed. A USDA link leads to details about America's 4,000 wild bee species. Other links connect you to information about drought-tolerant Salvias and companion plants, including milkweeds, that attract lots of buzz.

We also couldn't help providing a diverting bonus -- an interactive online game called Build a Bird. It's something to trill about to friends and family. Then we'd greatly appreciate it if you would trill on to friends and family about free subscriptions to Salvia Guru, which is published by Flowers by the Sea Farm and Online Nursery. We never stop whirring with information.

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