A Baker's Dozen of Links to Feed Your Salvia Gardening Spirit

In bakeries, a "baker's dozen" means 13 rather than a dozen cookies, doughnuts or pastries. The idea is to work for your loyalty by giving you a little bit more than expected and to leave you grinning similar to the smiley face cookies pictured here.

To celebrate Salvia Guru's thirteenth issue, we're giving you a baker's dozen of content (this intro included). Some of the links consider serious topics, such as drought shaming, while others are as lighthearted as the smiley cookies pictured here, such as • Baking sage thumbprint cookies • Raising a swallowtail butterfly in a New York City high rise • Viewing a webcam video of baby hummingbirds in a crowded nest and • Visualizing how bees see flowers.

Sometimes we have to lighten up. Otherwise, it would be overwhelming to keep focusing on a West Coast drought so intense that it has led to a rain forest wildfire (that should be an oxymoron!) in Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Here's fact number 1 that also lightens our days at Flowers by the Sea, our Northern California farm and online nursery: By growing Salvias we help feed butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, songbirds and other tiny wildlife as well as people who enjoy savory cookies.

Fact number 2 is that many Salvias are drought tolerant. They require little water to keep home landscapes attractive, which helps to lift spirits and improve real estate values. They minimize erosion from damp slopes in Florida to dry chaparral lands in California. Salvias provide solutions.

Instead of drought shaming homeowners who need to improve water conservation, we're all for drought praising efforts to grow waterwise gardens bursting with drought-resistant beauty. That's all. Now, enjoy your baker's dozen.

Photo Credit: Pastilleria by Alicia Rudnicki

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