Presenting the First of Our Top Ten Readers' Choice Issues

Statistics tell stories. Among Salvia Guru readers, the link that attracted the most readers in our first nine issues was "15 Select Salvias for Dry, Partial Shade Gardening." Other top picks based on readership stats concerned pollinators, soil problems, drought-resistant plants, a spectacular Salvia garden in Argentina and a new way to design Salvia gardens based on color analysis.

Draw your own conclusions, but one of the things we see is that you are looking for solutions whether you want to improve soil drainage or attract pollinators to your garden. In upcoming issues, we'll do our best to provide helpful information that you can apply to your landscape.

Thank you for spreading word about Salvia Guru. You help to keep us growing and providing solutions by telling friends and family about our free subscriptions.

The plant shown here is Friendship Sage (Salvia 'Amistad'), a discovery of University of Buenos Aires Professor Rolando Uria, whose garden is featured in the last link of this issue. Friendship Sage is a long blooming solution for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

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